Il Mediterranean Aerospace Matching riserva una particolare attenzione alle startup e alle PMI innovative che operano negli ambiti di riferimento dell’evento, invitandole a partecipare ad una competizione promossa e coordinata da ICE con il contributo dei promotori, gli organizzatori ed i partner.

Le startup e le PMI innovative che decideranno di candidarsi e verranno selezionate, disporranno di un’area a loro dedicata, dove potranno incontrare operatori stranieri (corporate, fondi e venture capital, centri di R&D ed accelerazione), parteciperanno a sessioni di coaching gestite e moderate da esperti di Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center e dovranno sfidarsi nella pitch arena alla presenza di una giuria che valuterà le migliori idee per qualità e innovatività.

Le startup beneficeranno di una sessione di coaching di Investor alignment and innovation development per definire e migliorare business plan e pitch dei loro progetti. Il modulo formativo sarà erogato da Bill Barber, Imprenditore-Investore seriale Californiano, coach di 2500 StartUpper e Responsabile dell’ufficio Valutazione e Accelerazione Startup di Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

in collaborazione con:

  • AIKO – Innovative deep-tech company with a unique mission: introducing Artificial Intelligence to space, to catalyze the evolution of space systems towards smarter, more autonomous and more efficient satellites.
  • BefreestLiving in a healthy environment is the challenge of our century. Giving quality spaces is our mission. Air quality is essential to guarantee our health. Each of us spends about 90% of our life indoors and takes 22,000 breaths a day. For this reason, the quality of the air inside the rooms and vehicles must be free of pollutants and potential pathogens that can compromise our health. We want to do this through a timely and constant monitoring of air quality and through the adoption of intelligent air management measures that must become conscious lungs, able to provide us with the primary source of sustenance for our life. Breathe, you are safe!
  • Carpitech – Innovative start-up that was born in July 2017, whose aim is to develop solutions that affect the governance of pre-analytical and pre-care processes in terms of mobility and digital connectivity.
  • DARVIN SOLUTIONSReal time communication services with end-2-end encryption for Defense, Security and heavy industry
  • DRBInnovative startup, a spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano. DRB offers an HW/SW platform for autonomous, safe, and precise drone services for inspections of industrial plants and infrastructure, logistics, and aerospace.
  • EikonTech – Innovative engineering services enterprise, part of Angel Company, an Italian industrial group designing high-tech solutions for railway, aerospace and digital mechatronics sectors. Built upon a highly specialised team, with a strong technical-scientific background and more than 20 years of R&D experience in the Aerospace, Transportation and Electromagnetic Analysis, Eikontech provides engineering consultancy and high value-added solutions in the strategic domains of Computational Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Applied Electromagnetics (EM) and Radio Communications, enabling the implementation of projects that reduce recurrent costs and increasing the quality of companies’ services.
  • ENERI Specialized in custom made inflatable constructions. Seven patents, and 5 industrial models, and an unique know-how in inflatable construction, makes ENERI the best partner in space colonizzation. The reserch in 3D membranes, can be the solution of many space problems. Thanks to the spin-off ASTERX Eneri enter in the space economy to offer a special and specific knowledge.
  • Guardian – Innovative startup with the mission to design, develop, industrialize and produce advanced digital platforms.
  • It’s Prodigy –  Innovative startup born in Italy and growing internationally.
  • Jps enterprise srlUnmanned solutions and aerial services specialized.
  • Latitudo 40 – Using satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to create geospatial analyses, supporting urban decision-making.
  • LuminousBees –  Italian startup company that produces audiovisual interactive shows in the Public aerial Space, thanks to an aerial swarm made of several Aerial Vehicles, MAV.
  • MIEEG – Aiming at developing the tiniest, most powerful and sustainable energy generator. MIEEG generator is characterized by miniaturized dimensions, high power, scalable dimension, it can be fed by hydrocarbons or hydrogen and is patented. MIEEG can be designed as a range extender in systems such as drones, electric cars, RVs, laptops, etc., to extend their endurance and relative profitability.
  • NEW ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT ENGINES/GSI – Innovative Start UP was born in April 2019 in Caserta, in the south of Italy, able to design, develop and produce one of the largest aeronautical propulsors units granted patented, powered solely by electricity, net ZERO emission, low noise, reduced manintenance, capable of delivering all the power necessary to push and fly every size and type of aircraft.
  • Robotic Shape – Innovative startup company incorporated in 2021. Robotic Shape mission is to create an innovative, integrated and collaborative robotic system identified under the acronyms of “ORS – Organized Robotic System”. ORS will involve aerial, ground and maritime drones, capable of performing complex mission in different scenarios. Smart cities, emergency, transport and environment are the natural area where Robotic Shape system will be developed for.
  • SF SystemInnovative startup s.r.l. was born in 2017 for the development of the SolarFertigation system. SF System s.r.l. is controlled by the company Asepa Energy s.r.l., who supervised the development of the first phase of the project. Asepa, born in 2008, deals with the development and construction of photovoltaic systems. The founding members are the engineer Sergio Strazzella and Dr. Paolo Strazzella.
  • Skyproxima – Innovative Startup that enters the aerospace industrial world by offering solutions designed, developed and industrialized based on the customer’s operational needs. The aircraft and platforms are newly designed and provide robotic integration (mechanical arms) and long duration (H24) operational capabilities.
  • Strategic BIM With the traditional building management approach once a building is designed and built many data are constantly managed by buildings owners, leading to high costs in terms of training, software licenses, hiring technical staff, and repetitive surveys. As a result, updating building data is a really cost-effective task ending up not being done.
  • Studiomapp – combines science, geospatial data and artificial intelligence to empower organizations to make the best-informed decisions so as to have a positive impact on our world.
  • The Edge Company developed Bird Concentration Monitoring System – BCMS Ventur system – to enhance flight safety for airports and to see moving obstacles for advanced air mobility- VenturX system
  • Traxit IoT analytics Trak & Trace platform, enabling tracking and value added services to any kind of connected device. We develop also tracking devices according to every partner’s needs, enabling spa
  • Vector Robotics  A technology development company specialized in professional UAVs design which stand out for flight autonomy and versatility of use. It became a reality when two professionals in the flight industry meet and shared their ambitious vision: to overcome technology limits and give drones new, unprecedented features. At Vector Robotics we design tailor-made solutions for professional applications.
  • A drone airship of small/medium size, fully autonomous, with electric motors, photovoltaic panels and standardised pod, able to fly for several days/weeks without landing with a maximum net payload of 100 kg (220 pounds).
  • Wesii –  Italian start-up established in 2016 and operating worldwide through key partnerships and a capillary network of collaborations. With over ten years’ experience with multispectral remote sensing activities, gained by its founders and key team members in major European laboratories and research centers, Wesii provides cutting-edge multispectral inspection services for a wide variety of businesses. Wesii applications range from solar plants to landfill site monitoring, from agricultural to naval, and even sports.
  • X- Ender design heavy drones and modular tractors with group control logic and pay-per-use based on blockchain and AI

Per maggiori dettagli, visita la piattaforma Fiera Smart 365. di ICE/TA e seleziona la categoria “Start-up”

Le attività saranno così ripartite :

Start-up Coaching: mercoledì 22 settembre dalle ore 14:30 (Sala 2)

– Start-up Pitch Arena: giovedì 23 Settembre dalle ore 14:30 (Sala 2)

Premiazione: venerdì 24 Settembre alle ore 12:30 (Sala 1)

Premio ICE – Particolare riconoscimento alla start up vincitrice nella selezione delle partecipanti alla terza edizione del Global Start Up Program, percorso di accelerazione all’estero attraverso il coinvolgimento di acceleratori internazionali, selezionati dall’Agenzia ICE. 


Premio Exprivia – Inserimento di una Start-up nel suo processo di Open Innovation ed in particolare: 

  • Organizzazione di un seminario in webex per presentare la startup alle strutture commerciali e clienti di Exprivia
  • Supporto alla startup nell’integrare la sua offerta nel portafoglio Exprivia per proposizioni congiunte sul mercato


Premio ASI – Sessioni di nnovation coaching, incontri con esperti dell’agenzia su tecnologia / innovazione, diritti di proprietà intellettuale, finanza o strumenti finanziari; opportunità di presentare il progetto agli esperti dell’ASI per valutarne possibili sviluppi; accesso agli stakeholder dell’innovazione nella regione e presentazione ai responsabili del Programma di Incubazione dell’ESA in Italia e promozione del progetto sui social dell’Agenzia. 


Premio Intesa Sanpaolo  

– Advisory session one to one (3 ore) con Bill Barber, Responsabile dell’ufficio Valutazione e Accelerazione Startup Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center.

– Partecipazione in qualità di protagonista a un Innovation Coffee (format di diffusione della cultura dell’innovazione presidiato e organizzato da Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center): la startup potrà presentare il suo pitch a una nutrita platea di colleghi nazionali e internazionali di Intesa Sanpaolo oltre che a stakeholder esterni dell’ecosistema dell’innovazione


Premi tematici assegnati dal Phi-lab dell’ESA, da Planetek e DTA verranno selezionati direttamente con i referenti ed il supporto della giuria in quanto focalizzati su temi specifici 


Premio Planetek – Premio alla migliore idea di Earth Intelligence on the Edge” – Il premio consiste in: “Supporto all’Integrazione e sperimentazione della tecnologia nell’ecosistema AI-eXpress e coaching per la definizione del business plan.


Premio DTA – Il DTA premierà l’applicazione che meglio interpreta il ruolo delle tecnologie aerospaziali per le smart city.


Premio ESA ɸ-lab “Premio alla migliore idea di Earth Intelligence on the Edge” ‐ Una persona sarà ospitata per un mese al ESA ɸ-lab per collaborazione su aspetti di Cognitive Computing in Space sia tecno che business oriented

Presidente : Gianni Sebastiano, CSO chief strategy officer

Cristoforo Abbattista, Head of SpaceStream Strategic Business Unit, Planetek

Giuseppe Borghi, Head of phi-lab Division, ESA

Fiorella Coliolo, Comunicazione/Eventi, DTA

Tanya Scalia, Ufficio Technology Transfer e Brevetti, ASI

Simona Miglietta, Specialista Innovazione Intesa Sanpaolo

Rappresentante ICE