09.15 Welcome
Session presenter: Domenico Palmiotti, Agenzia AGI and Sole 24 ore
09.30 Institutional greetings - Overview of the event
Institutional Greetings
Gianfranco Chiarelli, Special Commissioner, Camera di Commercio di Taranto
Ciro d’Alò, Mayor of Grottaglie, Taranto
Cosimo Ciura, Mayor of Monteiasi, Taranto
Onofrio Di Cillo, Mayor of Carosino, Taranto
Rinaldo Melucci, Mayor of Taranto

Antonio Maria Vasile Vice Presidente, Aeroporti di Puglia
Giuseppe Acierno, President, DTA

9.45 Opening Speeches
Carlo Ferro, President, ICE-ITA
Pierluigi di Palma, President, ENAC
Michele Emiliano, President, Apulia Region

10.30 Keynote speech
“Mediterranean area: innovation, technology e geopolitics for new growth opportunities”, Marco Minniti, President, Fondazione Med-Or
10.45 Panel - Advanced Air mobility: a new frontier in aerospace
Drones are the symbol of a new mobility of people and goods. The panel will bring together representatives from upstream and downstream aerospace sectors to discuss how technology and applications can bring benefits to our daily life.

Moderator Flavia Giacobbe, Director, monthly magazine “Formiche”

Angela Natale, President, Boeing Italia and Managing Director Southern Europe
Laurent Sissmann, Senior Vice-President, Unmanned Systems, Leonardo
Luigi Piantadosi, Director Europe & Future Vertical Lift International Rotary and Mission Systems, Lockheed Martin
Sandro De Poli, President, AvioAero

11.35 Conclusions
Alessandro Delli Noci, Regional Minister for Economic Development, Apulia Region
11.45 Keynote speech
“Challenges and opportunities in Urban Air Mobility projects”, Francesco Marsella, Arthur D Little
11.55 Overview «Municipality of Bari, the DTA: mission “Drone living lab – Analysis and next steps``
Giuseppe Acierno, President, DTA

The collaboration between the Municipality of Bari, the DTA for the development of the living lab drone has given rise to several national and European initiatives and projects that make the metropolitan area of Bari, the city of reference in the south of Italy for the development of urban mobility solutions. In this frame, there are the basis for a rapid definition and introduction of new services for the citizen based on the use of aerospace technologies drones and satellites. The collaboration of the DTA with the municipality of Bari, starting from the living lab drone as the node of the test bed of Grottaglie airport, supports the growth of the Apulian aerospace system.

12.10 Panel - Advanced Air Mobility in the Urban context
The panel aims to bring together different actors – mayors, local authorities, representatives of European institutions and service providers – to share best practices and projects in the field of urban mobility, including initiatives related to smart cities.

Moderator: Fabio Nicolai, Aviation Regulation Director, ENAC

Eugenio Di Sciascio, Deputy Mayor, Città Metropolitana di Bari
Fiammetta Diani, Head of Market Development Department, EUSPA
Onofrio Lorusso, Head of Service - Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, Firebrigades, Italy
Vassilis Agouridas, Leader of the Urban Air Mobility Initiative Cities Community (UIC2), Smart Cities Marketplace dell'UE & Director of the EU Public Co-Creation & Ecosystem Outreach, AIRBUS Urban Mobility
Joern Jaeger, Airspace Integration and Infrastructure, Volocopter
Felix Lee, Managing Director, EHang Europe
Ofer Lapid, Technology Leader for the NAAMA Initiative (Hebrew acronym for Urban Aerial Transport), Israel Innovation Authority

13.15 Conclusions
Antonio Decaro, President Italian municipalities (TBC)
Lunch Break
14.45 Keynote speech “Integrated sky: a new step in the modernisation of air traffic management”
Francesca Isgrò, President, ENAV
15.00 Panel - Drones safety: National and European policy
The EU rules for drones operators, professional and non-professional will pave the way for safe and sustainable drone flights in Europe. Representatives of Italian and European regulatory bodies, and users, will discuss these issues and the implications for the business sector and innovators in the drone sector on a global scale.

Moderator: Alessandro Cardi, Advisor, DTA

Cristiano Baldoni, Head of Business System Integration, d-flight
Giancarlo Ferrara, Coordinator, RPAS/UTM U-space/Drones, Eurocontrol
Tom Snyers, Product Manager UTM, Skeydrone
Daniel Garcia-Monteavaro Vizcaino, Head of the Drone Business Department, Enaire
Billy Josefsson, Senior Advisor ATM & HR, Air Navigation Services of Sweden (LFV)
Domenico Raguseo, Head of the CyberSecurity Unit, Exprivia

16.30 Overview of the Grottaglie test-bed
Antonio Zilli, Project Manager, DTA
16.45 Panel – Space for a Sustainable and Inclusive World
The panel addresses the importance of space technologies and applications for the benefits of citizens and for the health of the planet and people, highlighting the implications at social, economic and environmental level.

Moderator: Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO, Planetek Italia

Ermete Realacci, President, Fondazione Symbola
Luciano Violante, President, Fondazione Civiltà delle macchine
Luca Capasso, Head of the General Space Office, Defence Staff
Guido Crosetto, President, AIAD
Luigi Pasquali, Coordinator of Space activities, Leonardo & CEO, Telespazio
Father Enzo Fortunato, Press Officer Director, Sacro Convento di Assisi

17.45 Key-note speech “Resilience and Recovery in the Aviaton Sector”
Alessio Quaranta, Director General, ENAC & President of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC)
18.00 Speech
Nicola Zaccheo, President, Transport Regulation Authority
18.15 Conclusions
Enrico Giovannini, Italian Minister of infrastructures and sustainable mobility (TBC)
Ore 14.30 – Start-up Coaching
Bill Barber, Responsible Evaluation and Startup Acceleration, Intesa Sanpaolo-Innovation Centre

25 start-up ( will benefit of a coaching of investor alignment and innovation development to define and improve business plan and pitch of their projects.


09.15 Welcome
Session presenter: Michele De Feudis, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno
09.30 Institutional greetings
Giuseppe Acierno, President, DTA
09.40 Introduction
Giorgio Saccoccia, President, ASI
10.00 Inspirational talk
Clay Mowry, Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience Blue Origin
10.15 Panel - Space Transportation: the New Frontiers
Moderator: Augusto Cramarossa, Responsible Coordination Strategic Area, ASI

Giorgio Tumino, Chief Technical Advisor for Space Transportation, ESA
Nicole Viola, Professor in Aerospace Systems, DIMEAS, Politecnico of Torino
Oliver Nailard, Business Development & Strategy Executive, Reaction Engines
Giulio Ranzo, CEO, Avio

11.10 Space projects in the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience
Roberto Formaro, Director of Programmes, ASI
11.20 Panel - Space factory: Unique Opportunity to re-launch Italy
Moderator: Marco di Clemente, Head of Technology Unit, ASI

Chiara Pertosa, President, SITAEL
Dan Hart, President & CEO, Virgin Orbit
Massimo Comparini, CEO, Thales Alenia Space-Italy
Michele Franci, Chief of Delivery and Operations, OneWeb

12.15 Inspirational talk
Dan Hart, President & CEO, Virgin Orbit
12.30 Conclusions
Giorgio Saccoccia, President, ASI
13.00 Lunch Break
14.30 Start-up competition, Pitch arena
Moderator Bill Barber, Responsible Evaluation and Startup Acceleration, Intesa Sanpaolo-Innovation Centre
14.45 Key-note Speech “Technological and economic challenges in space and security”
Pasquale Preziosa, President, Security Eurispes Observatory
15.00 Global Space Economic Workshop Italy: Aiming high in 2022 with ESA Space Rider
The DTA, since the creation of GSEW co-organizes with ASI and ESA, the GSEW Italia in Apulia Region. Topics discussed in the last 2 years go from cybersecurity to smart cities, and the activities are carried out under an agreement between ESA and DTA. More than 200 international participants joined the GSEW (2018, 2019), offering important opportunities for networking among high-level representative from space and non-space industries, from European institutions, universities and research centres. For the preparation of the third edition of GSEW@Italia 2022 we have identified, with ASI and ESA, the topic “ESA Space Rider commercialisation opportunities”. Space Rider is an uncrewed robotic laboratory about the size of two minivans. After launch on Vega-C it will stay in low orbit for about two months. Experiments inside its cargo bay will allow technology demonstration and benefit research in pharmaceutics, biomedicine, biology and physical science. At the end of its mission, Space Rider will return to Earth with its payloads and land on a runway to be unloaded and refurbished for another flight. The Grottaglie airport, in 2018 identified as a spaceport by the Italian Ministry of Transports, could be a potential landing site for Space Rider ? What are the opportunities and the challenges
15.00 Introduction
Giuseppe Acierno, President, DTA
15.10 Opening speeches
Luca del Monte, Head of Division Industrial policy and SMEs, ESA
Roberto Formaro, Director of Programmes, ASI
15.30 Overview of the ESA Space Rider
Giorgio Tumino, Space Transportation Chief Technical Advisor, ESA
15.45 Panel “Suborbital flights, ESA Space rider and Commercialisation Opportunities”
Moderator: Donatella Ponziani, Downstream Gateway Officer, ESA

Yossi Yamin, Chairman and R&D CEO, SpacePharma
Veronica la Regina, CEO, Nanoracks Europe
Representative SME

16.30 Inspirational talk
Michael Colglazier, CEO Virgin Galactic (TBC)
16.45 Panel - Grottaglie Spaceport for Europe
Moderator: Giuseppe Acierno, President, DTA

Roberto Formaro, Director of Programmes, ASI
Nik Smith, Regional Director UK and Europe, Lockheed Martin Space
Dragos Tonea, NMD/ACD/Operations Planning, Eurocontrol/ Giovanni Lenti, Head of Network Operations Services & NMOC, Eurocontrol
Giovanni Di Antonio, Team Leader Higher Airspace Operations & Access to Space Group, ENAC
Marco Catamerò, General Director, Aeroporti di Puglia
Vincenzo Giorgio, CEO, Altec
Giuseppe Morsillo, President, CIRA

17.45 Closing speech
Michael Callari, Commercial Sales Director, EMEA; Strategy, Marketing & Sales (SMS), Blue Origin International
18.00 Closing speech
Luigi Di Maio, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (TBC)


Session presenter: Francesco Gioffredi, Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia
09.00 – 10.00 Panel: The Talent Gap in the Italian Aerospace Sector
DTA e Arthur D. Little present the report “Innovation in the aerospace sector and the impact on the training of young talents”: actions and ideas to attract young talents to maintain the high competitivi in the italian aerospace sector.

Introduction: Manuela Matarrese, Project Manager DTA

Moderator: Andrea Visentin, Principal Aerospace & Defense Practice Arthur D. Little

Antonio Felice Uricchio, President, Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca (ANVUR)
Alessandra Celletti, Vicepresident, Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca (ANVUR)
Francesco Cupertino, Rector, Politecnico di Bari
Stefano Bronzini, Rector, Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro
Fabio Pollice, Rector, Università degli Studi del Salento


10.00 Keynote speech “Corporate venture capital: the role of large companies and of the financial world”
Francesco Marsella, Senior partner Arthur D. Little
10.15 Key-note speech
Noemie Alliel, Director, Israel Starburst Aerospace
10.15 Panel – Start-up & innovative PMI: from creativity to innovative solution for economic growth
Representatives of the industrial world, business accelerators, academia, international funds and other relevant entities in the sector share their experiences and present their projects.

Moderator: Mauro Piermaria, Head of Innovation and New Space Economy Unit, ASI

Antonio De Vito, Director General, Puglia Sviluppo
Daniele Manni, Professor, Award winning edupreneur
Augusto Cramarossa, VicePresident, CTNA
Tommaso Micaglio, Managing Partner, One33
Domenico Fanizza, Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
Vito Albino, President, ARTI
Gianna Elisa Berlingerio, Director, Economic Development Department, Apulia Region
Cosimo Borraccino, Advisor, Apulia Region’s President

11.50 “MAM 2021: Opportunities of Knowledge and Development”
Alberto Pedroli, Director, Basilicata, Puglia and Molise Regional Department, Intesa Sanpaolo
12.00 The Mediterranean Aerospace Matching: next steps
Umberto Malusa, Advisor DTA, will share ideas and experience with some of the event organisers
12.20 Start-up Award Ceremony
13.00 Conclusions
Interview with Alessandro Delli Noci, Regional Minister for Economic Development, Apulia Region, by Francesco Gioffredi, Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia